Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Prisoner

Did anyone see the Oscars? I didn't, so there isn't going to be a post about it. I was happy that the King's Speech won a bunch of awards, and then I thought, why do I care? I've been wanting to see the King's Speech for donks and I like the look of it, but for all I know it could be terrible. Even the BBC had described it as a 'great British win' to make us tea-sippers happy. But why does it actually matter? It's not like everyone in the country helped make the film. It just happened to made mostly by a bunch of people who were born on this bit of land. It's the same with sporting teams, when people say 'Hah, we beat the fuck out of you last night'. Sorry to dissapoint you, but you didn't do anything to me. A couple of Italians, a German, a Russian...whoever (certainly very few actually actually come from the team's area) - they just happened to beat a team I support. IT WASN'T YOU AARGH UNHAPPY.

He's a 'wizard' storyteller!! Sigh. 
On a lighter note, I had a dream last night which I remembered for a change. There's always that delirious moment when you wake up  and you rush to the door, or begin to phone  a friend to tell them Pythagoras' theory before realising that said events didn't actually happen. I haven't remembered my dreams for a while, so this morning I did panic for a second. And what is perhaps even odder is the fact the dream I had last night made a bit of sense. It wasn't a constantly changing LSD fuelled Salvador Dali inspired crazy-fest - y'know, the usual. So I was in prison. And prison didn't seem so bad. I became friendly with the other inmates and the prison guard after giving him a bit of my baguette. Daniel Radcliffe narrated the story - "The guards may have been numerous, but they were fat. We had fitness on our side" The scene changed to one where we were running in the prison grounds to keep our fitness levels up. But then the prison guard wanted us to join in the football game. I thought "Why not?" I put my all into it, and we did well. We promptly turned into anthropomorphic dragons and resumed playing as normal. Okay, it wasn't that sane, but I've had worse. If dreams tell you about what you are thinking, then I'm rather clueless.

Looks like this blog is going to be weekly now, but I will try and make it slightly more frequent. Thanks for reading!


  1. Just showing my support by stopping by. That's really awesome btw.

  2. Only us comfortable British could get disillusioned about patriotism. Yes, by logic having pride in things that go on in a bit of territory you happen to be born on doesn't make much sense, nor does feeling proud of what someone who is born on the same land dictated by maps and treaties makes much logical sense.

    But it's not about logic, it's about social emotional kinship. Patriotism is important for citizens of many countries, so I feel dismayed for a second friend to make such questions based on 'logic' rhetoric.

  3. I never understand half of my dreams... that is, if I somehow remember them. What I hate is how I sound like a huge idiot trying to explain them, though.

    "So then I was in this house and I was petting a cheetah. It was MY house, but it didn't look anything like my house, but I knew it was my house... you know?"

    Friend: "Uh, yeah, sure..."