Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Come Together

Well I didn’t do a midweek post. Typical journalist, eh? To be fair I’ve been pretty busy. I went back home, and it turns out that I didn’t need a final filling, because the care of my teeth has shot up dramatically. So there wasn’t really a part four as such, just a slap on the wrist and a hasty exit back home. Our first newsday was semi-successful. Decent stories and content, but we were heavily criticized by our lecturers at the end of the day for our teamwork. I didn’t know what everyone was going half of the time, I was almost in a world of my own writing loads of stories, and going out reporting on some jazz thing that was happening during the day.
Ug and Og; Bog is taking the
 picture with his ipad 2 camera

The experience was nothing short of hectic, with the hours flying away. And after years of saying ‘it taught me the aspect of teamwork’ to teachers / lecturers / scout leaders / obese barmen in order to impress them, this was the first time in my life where I was actually telling the truth.  I admittedly waltzed in, thinking everyone could go off and do their own thing. And that simply was not the case. With an increasing amount of team-building exercises being featured in job interviews (I know many friends, and have experienced first hand, tasks such as building giraffes out of newspaper) you’d think that the importance of teamwork was a relatively new thing. Ug, Og, and Bog may have been in slightly different circumstances (perhaps killing Wooly Mammoths as opposed to making a bridges for toy cars out of spaghetti and blu-tack) but they probably faced similar situations. With Ug’s amazing craft skills, spears would be made to drive the wooly mammoth into a pit. With Og’s brute force he would lead the charge. Bog, the brains of the outfit, would devise the plan to drive the mammoth over a cliff, therefore killing it. A great team effort. Okay, maybe not so relevant. But if there’s one thing I learned from all this so far, it’s that you really have to try, without crawling up to others for a hearty pat on the back or a big ‘thanks!’. At the end of the day, everyone is in the same amount of shit as you. That takes a wee bit of getting used to.

TV news day tomorrow, and I've been chasing stories for the last couple of days because we are allowed to pre-shoot a couple of stories. I can operate a camera now pretty professionally, but I am still getting all worked up about the shots I did today because so many things can go wrong. I'm just slightly worried because we really have to make up for last week tomorrow. All I can do just now is have an early night. Thanks for reading!


  1. I've never liked doing team exercises.

  2. good luck with that dude. let us know how it goes

  3. I always thought team building exercises were lame. I always got 'closer' to my co-workers by going out and having a beer with them, and I don't just say that because I was having beer, I say that because we all bonded over something we actually wanted to be doing.

    That is, until one of them got too drunk and started an awkward race argument (which was often, no joke)...

    Best of luck chasing your next story! And once it's been successfully chased, chase it down with a good beer to celebrate.