Monday, 21 February 2011

Snobbery, Assault and Battery

I had a 'group meeting' with some of my course mates over a pub meal today, which was quite a nice experience.  It was nice to have a decent meal fairly cheaply and to have a single pint as opposed to 3 litres of cider and a couple of tequila shots. Before the conversation turned to business, some of us had a little moan about one of our course mates. Bitching about someone can be therapeutic, especially when the person in question is a bit of an idiot. But you do have to watch it doesn't get ugly. You can have no opinion on someone. Until they do something particularly annoying or stupid. Either you get over it, or more likely, you hate them for every little thing they do. You didn't clean your dishes? Dickhead. Breathing too loudly? Twat. You like Mumford and Sons? Fucking kill yourself etcetera. And sometimes they deserve it. Other times it just gets a bit silly and there's no real justification.

The shittest mime artist around
And that brings me onto today's topic; snobbery. In days gone by, much of snobbery was based on how the upper classes hated the lower classes. Now it's everywhere. People seem to think they have some incredible power over other people for having a particular belief. Atheists and Religious people alike have this problem. Someone that shoves a bible in your face and rolls their eyes when you suggest that there are religions other than Christianity is equally as annoying as someone that loudly announces that they move the bible to the fiction section in the library. If you close your eyes you can't tell who says 'HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE SOMETHING SO STUPID'. I was almost guilty there of adding my own agnostic snobbery. 'THERE'S NO SOLID PROOF FOR EITHER IDIOTS'. See how easy it is? And of course there's PS3/360 gamers, there's people that do yoga/people that don't do yoga, people that drink/people that don't drink. Thinking about it, I'm being a snob over people that are snobs. I can't win.

I'm in a really Radiohead sort of mood just now. Their new single 'Lotus Flower' is pretty good. I've not got around to listening to the album yet. But what's up with Thom Yorke's dancing in the video? It's pretty awkward to watch. I sometimes wonder how many people have Radiohead as their favourite band. I like them, but they've never really struck me as wonderfully amazing. At least they are still a bit different. And they are another prime example of why music critics can be stupid. People said Kid A was shit. And by the end of the decade, the writers that had said this announced it as album of the decade. You wonder how people that are such hypocrites keep the same job. Oh well, thanks for reading.


  1. I would have liked to have been there and lol'd at you all :P

  2. I'm so glad to see this side of things, because we both share this view; I hate the militant atheists who say that anyone who believes in a 'magic flying man in the sky' is an 'idiot' just as much as I hate the militant Christians that say if you don't believe in a higher power you're going to burst into flames. Both are equally annoying, equally snobby, and equally worthy of a good punch in the face.

  3. Humanity has a strange captivation for inner superiority over others. I think it's part of our inbuilt nature that to be dominant, one has to try and spread their beliefs onto others in order to spread their influence in the pack.