Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Radio Activity

Sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry. I have been reading people's blogs, but I've not really bothered with comments until today. Still dreadfully busy. But damnit, if a couple of people are still waiting for a post every week then I'll deliver. It's our final news day tomorrow, so after that I'll continue to stalk everyone as per usual. I'm one of the presenters for our radio day, and I've overcome my nervous habit of becoming monotonous, so I won't sound like a Scottish Microsoft Sam. I sacrificed a lecture to interview someone for the bulletin, and she was incredibly helpful and nice, in contrast to the angry e-mail I received last night from our politics lecturer about poor attendance. I think the right decision was made.

I hope it wasn't just me that had nightmares thanks to this video
Last week, our TV news bulletin went pretty well. There were a couple of minor problems with the camera shots I made, but they were ultimately pretty good, and there was a terrible pun based on a shot of a deep end sign I had done on the story of an Olympic swimmer. To celebrate, I went out to McDonald's to order a 'Big Tasty', a meal that has become a Wednesday ritual for me. It isn't that great, and I know it's awful for me, but it has a nice little sauce and it's filling. So I was queuing up for this slab of meat caked in floor dirt in a stale bun, when a young woman jumped in front of me. She was in crutches. I didn't exactly tell her to get lost, but should I have said something? Call me sadistic, but I don't think a Big Mac was vital for her condition. I sometimes get it with older folk too. Have they really earned to skip the queue?  This isn't an attack on disabled or old people, I'm not that stupid. It's an attack on rudeness. My brother had a mild mental disability, and he often took advantage of people who didn't know better. It wasn't their fault, but I'm basically saying that while it's pathetic to make fun of/disrespect disabled people and older people, there's no need to be over generous. More often than not, they appreciate being treated like a normal human being and not a new born baby.

I could have done more stuff tonight in terms of preparation, but I've followed the advice of a friend and I'm not going to stress out before the big day. After getting to grips with the radio equipment (reading the news along to the melody of Take On Me) today, I'm pretty confident. Bring it on!


  1. The soon-to-be-missus is embarrassed because we're doing karaoke at our wedding and I plan to sing the hell out of Take On Me.

    Also, can McDonald's be sued for calling its sandwich the Big & Tasty? ... you know, being as how it's not really either...

  2. I usually wouldn't let anybody skip in front of me in a queue, unless they had some good reason. If they asked me if they could go first, I might be okay with it, but just being rude and stepping in front of me...hell no.

  3. good song, nice post

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