Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Tuesdays come too quickly - so let's get all my boring updates out of the way first. Our final newsday was the best so far (see previous blogs for explanation on newsdays), and I'm seriously considering a career in radio because of it. On one of the bulletins we did, we played a clip of an interview, which lasted about 1 minute. What me and the other presenter didn't realise was that the person editing had accidentally changed the tone of the interviewer - so it sounded remarkably like Jigsaw from the Saw films. Our microphones were turned off due to the interview, but we came close to urinating ourselves with laughter. About a couple of seconds before the clip ended I managed to suck it all in, and read the next piece of news (almost) without fault. The other presenter was a little better than me, but we both received praise and our broadcasts got good feedback.

Yeah, some of my course mates are twisted
serial killers on the side. Hey, it's a hobby.
Because that is a load of my shoulders, I got into the mindset of "I've done a lot, I deserve a break" which is a dangerous place to be. Today I handed out a CVs to potential employers, and it was the first time I'd left my flat in a couple of days. Inevitably, dishes didn't get washed, and the pile of dirty clothes rapidly increased. And while I was 'cut off' from the real world, I read an article about a guy who had lived away from society for five years. Sometimes the concept of that idea really grabs me, because I have a problem with people. They are too sneaky. The other day some guy turned up at my door and almost got me to change power companies without me realising it. And the owner of a website is trying to guilt trip me into writing for his website again even though I am completely unpaid, and he accidentally deleted all my entries expecting me to write them up again. I'm way too nice, so this only helps them. But the article I was reading told me why this 'hermit' decided to re-join society and start a family. Rather than discovering himself - he gradually got more lost in his own world, making obsessive little journals about bird's flight patterns and stuff. You see, no matter how much you bitch and complain about people - their manipulation, their nastiness, their kindness, their love, their wants and needs are ultimately the real key for unlocking your full potential. Becoming insane and eccentric is overrated.

Alright, time to head out. There's a cheese and wine party at a friend's tonight (not a proper one, just a silly student one) so I'll let you know what eating 300 grams of feta and drinking ridiculous amounts of booze does to the body in my next post. Thanks for reading!


  1. reminds me of some flatmates a friend has

  2. Hope you didn't get too many cheese babies :p


  3. I'm the same way with people. I had to call the credit card company to ask something and I was just humoring this girl to be nice, saying 'oh okay that's cool' as she's talking about this new 'feature' they're offering me for a 'low price'. All of a sudden she tells me okay, I'm adding it to your account, and I have to say wait what? I'm not authorizing anything...

    Ugh. Don't know about wine and cheese, but I love beer and cheese...

  4. Hahahaha, great post! You're a good writer :3