Friday, 31 December 2010

Resolution 909

There seems to be some unsaid problem with drinking alone. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as you mostly drink socially, and as long as you don't get so emotionally involved with scrubs that you throw yourself out of the window. It's new years eve, and so far, I am drinking alone. Most of my friends are all out in some other city, having a ball, and I'm not with them because of my terrible planning skills. But at some point I do plan on getting up, having a cup of coffee, hastily putting on something more presentable than an old Deftones t-shirt and socialising with strangers.

Not socialising material for some odd reason
Alcohol is a bit odd. Do you remember that whole fiasco with the government, when that advisor on drug policy was fired because he said that you were more likely to die from horse riding than from taking an ecstasy tablet? There have been quite a few things done by 'drug experts' that claim that alcohol is much worse than most illegal drugs. And most of us would probably agree in those moments where your mouth tastes like cigarettes (even worse if you are a non smoker that has a couple when drunk) and stale vodka, as you drift in and out of consciousness, wishing a glass of water was right beside your bed. Perhaps worse is the regret. Wishing you hadn't said all those very personal things to that all too sober fellow. All that goes out the window when you've had a few and you are enjoying yourself. With other drugs like heroin or ecstacy (I'm not implying that I've actually had them!) you have one pill/line/shot and you are there. But with alcohol, there's something quite relaxing about sipping a lukewarm glass of piss coloured liquid every so often. Sometimes I think about what being drunk is like. I've come to the conclusion that it's like looking down the wrong end of a pair of binoculars while underwater. And when talking about people who don't thank you when you hold the door open seems like a very philosophical subject. I also love the fact that I can talk absolute shit, as I normally do, but for a change I can actually get away with it.

I did say that I would do another blog drunk, and it only took another four days to do so. Of course it is new year's eve, and I would like to make up some resolutions. Normally, this is a chance for people to make a huge list of things they'll give up within the first week. But this is my first ever list of resolutions, and I'm only going to do a few.

1.Continue writing this blog.
2. Keep practising bass.
3. Get some journalism work experience.

That should be okay, they are at least within reason. I hope my blog is better than it was yesterday, I thought it was pretty mediocre. We'll see. Bye for now, and a happy new year for everyone reading this!

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