Sunday, 26 December 2010

A question of popularity

Today, while I was thinking about how I could make my blog known to the internet properly, the line from the Clash's Hitsville UK kept popping up in my head - "They say true talent will always emerge in time". I'm not saying that waffling on a blog is a talent, but it got me thinking anyway. If something is good enough, will it become popular on time, no matter how little hype it has? Vincent Van Gogh of course, only sold one painting in his lifetime. Pulp had a 16 year wait before they had their first hit with 'Do you remember the first time?'.  And Jedward stumbled into the limelight with their out of tune and garish renditions of Ghostbusters and Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby. So it's fair to say that attaining fame has grown easier over the years with the internet and shows such as the X factor. But any idiot could tell you that. 

Lose the hat and paintbrush, then we'll talk
Perhaps more irritating is how popular supposedly unpopular things are. If that makes sense. On the facebook page of one of my favourite bands, The Obits, they gave a link to different artist's top 10 albums of the year. The Obits mocked this with a "BREAKING NEWS: Survey reveals same 5 albums being played simultaneously in rented vans across America!" Rightly so, because the same garbage keeps cropping up. LCD Sound System, the National, the Black Keys, Arcade Fire and Deerhunter all constantly reappear. There were thousands of albums released in 2010, and it seems that only a handful were worthy of constantly being mentioned. It's debatable that the musicians even listened to the albums. There's probably some big 'cool' list out there that everybody copies like a school child hurriedly copying his answers from the smart arse next to him because he hasn't done his homework. Personally I found 'Brothers' to be mediocreBut maybe I'm sending out the wrong message here. Listen to something because you like it, not because of how popular or supposedly unpopular it is. Okay? Phew.

I suppose I should talk about more relevant things than musicians if I'm moaning about how I'm not a renowned blogger . But I don't really know any famous bloggers. I know some celebrities who have blogs. But that doesn't really count. At the end of the day, what the hell does it matter anyway? The Crazy Frog got to number one, Ed got the vote over Dave, and Rocket from the Crypt never really hit it big. You guys don't know what you want, get lost.

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