Saturday, 25 December 2010

Hello blogging world. Happy christmas and all that.

I suppose there's a whole lot of religious irony involved with Christmas. For those of us that have a different belief to Christianity, for those of us that don't believe in any religion, and for those of us that couldn't care less if we rot in a grave or rot in hell. But the great thing is that it doesn't really matter. Even as I type, I'm quietly singing along to 'Yahoo' by Erasure. It's a gospel style song talking about 'The Lord' and things like that. And it's very uplifting. But I'm sure some of Andy Bell's non musical activities don't co-exist particularly well with the Christian religion. Oh well. Religion II by Public Image Ltd, anyone?

I knew about these guys waaaaay before robot unicorn
 attack you know.
Anyway, like I said it doesn't matter. Sitting down with the family, pulling crackers, swapping leftovers, that sort of traditional nonsense. Grayte stuff. I'm the only person I know that pisses myself laughing at Christmas cracker jokes. Not even just to humour my family. For some inexplicable reason I find them hilarious. I reason with myself that I'm laughing at how bad the jokes are, or I'm laughing at the disgust on people's faces as they read the pathetic punch-line. Deep down, I know that I just have a stupid sense of humour.

Turkey - 4/5 (it was a tiny bit dry, but at the end of the day it's just a turkey).
Bread Sauce - 5/5 (Faultless)
Cranberry Sauce - (Didn't try it, but it's a standard Ocean Spray affair, nothing crazy)
Cocktail Sausages - 4/5 (Great, never been fond of the whole wrapped in bacon idea, but that's just me)
Mashed Potatoes - 5/5 (Does this need a description?)
Turnip - 5/5 (Does this?)
Carrots - (why the balls did I do this rating idea)
Raspberry Pana Cotta thing - 4/5 (Nice, but a bit sickly)
Raspberry Roulade - 5/5 (Great, because unlike previous years it didn't have nuts. What a stupid idea, putting nuts in a Roulade. I suppose each to their own though. I mean I've never understood my dislike for nuts, because I like peanut butter and crunchy nut cornflakes. Looking at what I've just typed, it's actually ridiculous. Ridiculous. Maybe it's just the texture? I know people who are like that with mushrooms. They think the flavour is alright, but they are rubbery and bleugh.)

I probably should have done this  introductory type thing at the start. I decided to start my blog today, after receiving a decent laptop, which I was pretty happy about. Why hesitant? I suppose it's the thing that describes me best, which I realised when I was trying to think of something to go before Calamari, because I kept HESITATING! I am in my second year studying Journalism at Robert Gordon University, so I hope my writings are half decent and perhaps entertaining? Time and harsh critics will tell. Why Calamari? Just because.

Christ, I'm already living up to my name, I'm hesitating to post this.

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