Thursday, 30 December 2010

Gay as a daffodil

I'd like to think that I don't fall into the category of a stereotypical homosexual. I don't solely listen to Lady Gaga and Rihanna, I don't have an odd speech impediment, and I don't loudly announce my sexuality to people I've just met (although I suppose I'm doing this right now via this blog). However, when I was sharing a flat with two girls for a month at the tail-end of summer, I confess that I got into the habit of watching Sex and the City. For the first couple of times SATC dvds were put on, I sneered, shook my head, and left the room to play TimeSplitters. But my curiosity and lack of desire to move my arse off the sofa eventually made me stay. By the end of the month, I was able to name all of the characters, all of their boyfriends, and all of the problems they had in the bedroom.

The inevitable stepping stone towards Sex and the City
I'm not saying I love the show. It's pretty terrible in a lot of ways. Carrie, the protagonist, is a self obsessed piece of garbage that seems to have a bottomless amount of money to spend on her apartment, shoes, and ludicrous outfits from simply typing a rhetorical question every now and then. And whenever there was an episode featuring a homosexual, I would almost inevitably be subjected to questioning from my female flatmates. One was "are those really the gay rules?" in a episode where a gay man tells Carrie the international gay rules - that it was "okay to have sex with somebody if you have a boyfriend, the gym is a free space, and never ever show up in the same place wearing the same shirt". Either Sex and the City was talking garbage, or I had just discovered that being gay doesn't actually count as being properly gay. Hmm. Whenever I've been to a gay club (which I don't want to do for quite a long time), a lot of the people live up to the stereotype of being overly flamboyant, talking about nothing but sex, and dancing to cheesy music with female vocalists. Countless amounts of straight people have told me that they like me because I don't tend to fall into many of the homosexual stereotypes.

But at the end of the day, so what if you are camp as a Scout Jamboree? I have to admit that some overly flamboyant people that only talk about who they fancy and their sex lives get on my tits sometimes.But at the end of the day, we're in it together, and we don't exactly have much of a choice. Why do you have to suppress something just because someone said it annoys them? Live it up, let it all out, don't live in fear. I think I'll listen to Lady Gaga for a while.

It's my birthday today, huzzah. Everyone is preparing for New Years, so I'm spending it by myself. But people can easily be replaced with a copy of Evil Dead 2, a Chinese, and Cider.

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