Monday, 27 December 2010

Past from the blast

Good god, we just can't get enough of the past. Tying in slightly with yesterdays blog, it would seem that the past sells. Musicians love sampling and covering hits of old, and kids on youtube comments won't shut up about how they are 'only 14' but they 'hate modern music and wish they were born in sixties when music was good !!'. As much as I enjoy listening to the Beatles or air bassing to the Clash, I'm not too fond of this. Mamma Mia! was a massive hit at the box office. I've seen it. And whether it be my mother, my great aunt or an 18 year old girl, the film seems to be loved by many of those in the fairer sex (to be fair it probably has it's male fans as well). In my opinion this is just stupid. I love ABBA, but why would you want to watch a bunch of actors try to imitate and bastardize the songs when you can pop down to Sainsbury's and get ABBA gold for a fiver? If you are amazingly skint, pop down to your local on karaoke night. The same can be said for Glee. And as for those youtubers, I don't give a toss how old you are or what you listen to. If you were born in the sixties you'd either be old or dead by now. I'd love to have seen the Who, Cream, Gabriel-era Genesis or whoever in their prime. But I can't, so there's no point wishing. And besides, we have just about every piece of music ever made since that sort of era readily available, a luxury hippies of the flower power era or whenever didn't have. I think that's pretty cool.

Air instruments - look ma, no bass!
Last night I was watching a documentary about Live Aid. Is it just me or do we not have the same sort of massive acts we did back in the eighties or the seventies or the sixties? The only sort of contemporary band that has that sort of pulling power and popularity seems to be Muse. No other bands seem to get that amount of hype, do they? Unless it's someone like U2 who, let's face it, have their best days behind them in terms of live performances and good albums. That won't stop Rolling Stone giving them the album of the year award. That publication seems incapable of giving bad reviews to people it views as 'legends'. Bob Dylan released an album? Albumofthedecadelol. It may be that we have so many people nowadays wanting to be celebrities on reality shows or the internet that our attention has spread out over a bunch of idiots rather than focusing on a smaller group of idiots. Or maybe we're sick of worshipping people as if they were gods. So instead we'll go on to youtube, feel DISGUSTED that people like LADY GAGA (OR SHOULD I SAY LADY GAYGA LOL) can be so popular when we have cool bands like THE ROLLING STONES. If you so desperately want to live in the past then destroy the machine you used to access the internet (they didn't have those in the sixties!) and leave everyone else alone. Happy face.

This is the first blog I've done while drinking, and it certainly won't be the last. If there is any quality in my blogs, I hope it hasn't escaped because of this. A couple of people have also told me that they'll continue to read my blog, which is quite nice. So I suppose that counts for more than having 'official' followers. But it doesn't look as good. Oh well! Cheers guys.

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