Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, it's too much for Mr Incredible!

Do you ever watch the film credits and see someone like the 'set production assistant' or the 'secondary grip' and think of them smiling somewhere, thinking about their 1.2 seconds of fame? No? Just wondered. Besides, not everyone wants to be in front of the camera. There's always good honest, blood, sweat and tears that work behind the scenes, and many are happy to stay like that. I'm of the belief that there's a job for everyone. Even for those that literally clean up other people's shit. I mean, once you've got used to the smell I can imagine it's a relaxing routine, with plenty of time to think about stuff. As long as you don't drop your watch.

My reaction upon finding out his sexuality
Talking of careers, I have to start thinking about continuing my driving lessons in order to have any hope of getting a career in Journalism. According to my lecturers anywhere decent won't employ you if you are without a license. I've been putting it off for quite a while, partly because of money, and partly because of my previous driving instructor. I'm a slow learner, and if someone shouts at me when I get something wrong, I'm not going to improve, I'm going to get nervous and bugger up even worse. So needless to say, we didn't get on so well and I only got about halfway there. He was a bit odd though. You know that clear sticker you get on watch faces and laptop screens that you are supposed to peel off? He kept them on everything. His watch, his satnav, his phone. They had been on for years and they were all grubby so that you could barely see the screen. One time he accidentally touched my hand when he was correcting the steering wheel. He immediately threw his hands up in the air and said "I'M SORRY I DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT, THAT WAS YOUR PERSONAL SPACE AND I'M SORRY". And he said he hated Queen, I've never met anyone that's hated Queen. But I am an overly sensitive person, and he was a pretty decent guy that taught me a lot. I think it's time I manned up and thought about getting lessons sorted. If I have enough money after I've paid for all my summer shenanigans.

If you're wondering about my post title, it's because The Incredibles is on while I'm typing this. I'm not a massive fan of Pixar or Disney productions, but I love this film. The animation, the time period, the plot, the concept, the characters and the humour is all great. And it's very highly quotable. I hope they don't make a terrible sequel after that slightly lazy ending.

For anyone that cares I had a great new year. I went out and got talking to some guy I'd never met, who was really sound. On the table next to us some girls left two massive pitchers of some pink cocktail, and so that helped get us a bit more drunk for free. After a few laughs and some terrible dancing on my part we got separated at one point. Which was shame because he was a cool guy. It's a shame he was straight. I hope he had some fun with those girls we met that night.


  1. Haha man some good observations in there. Glad to see your newyears went well.

  2. I know how it feels to have some one scream at you for making a "bad" turn or something >..>
    Glad you had a good New Years!

  3. You should really finish the driving lessons, the more you pospone it the more lazyness it will give you

  4. I do know what you mean. Often I'll wonder if there's a guy at home who pauses movies to show his kids


    And Incredible's is a brilliant film

    They've taken ages to make the sequel though!