Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pulling Teeth (part deux)

So in keeping in with the great Scottish/British/whatever stereotype of having a mouth full of rotting enamel, I had to go to the dentist yesterday for a couple of fillings. I'm great at brushing my teeth twice a day, but I never really bother with flossing, which has caused a problem. That and an incredibly sweet tooth. I'm terrible for thinking, 'what can I do? I suppose I could eat a chocolate bar.' And then another one after that. I'm very lucky that I burn up calories easily, otherwise I'd probably have a weight problem (I'm stick thin for the record). But alas, my teeth have not been so lucky, suffering for my gluttony.

Too cool for the dentist
I could take another stance and blame the human body. Of course, the human body is a miracle. It can do incredible things, as you've probably experienced. But there's also silly things that still need to be corrected. If there was a god, my conclusion is that he created us while drunk. I've done some of my best work when drunk. But if I take a closer look the next day, I'll find a couple of sentences that don't make sense, and I'll see a typo or a missing word. For example, if I was a shark, I wouldn't have to worry about not eating crap (although aside from the occasional mars bar dropped into the ocean I can't imagine there isn't much chocolate in Jaw's diet). Because when sharks break their teeth, or if they rot away, a new set just grows into place! They are also immune to all known diseases which I can imagine is quite nice. And I've always found it a bit odd that we have one airway. I mean if it gets blocked then we are buggered. But maybe god wasn't drunk. Maybe that's just what he's like all the time, and drinking a little makes us more like him/her/them. If that's the case then I don't fancy being a passenger in God's car.

I have another appointment booked for next month, so there's going to be a part three. Probably. I also purchased a couple of dvds yesterday, both were films recommended to me that I have never seen before. 'Four Lions' was recommended to me by a drug loving, metrosexual ginger, and 'Dr Strangelove' was recommended to me by a reincarnated, maple syrup loving D.Boon. I don't know that much about the films plot-wise, but that could be a good thing. I mean if you've seen a trailer for a film about 20 times before you see the actual film, your viewing pleasure is probably reduced somewhat.

But I'm optimistic. I'll probably do a blog review of the films when I get round to watching them. And one quick mention I've been meaning to do for a while. If, unlike me, you are pretty knowledgeable about the stuff that goes into making a website, then you take a look at the angst andy blog. He has an entertaining and enlightening view on different things around the internet. So check him out. As usual, thanks for reading!


  1. I've never bothered with flossing, it's such a tedious task you know. I mean looking brushing your teeth, it's easy to learn and a fairly quick task to do, but flossing looks kind of risky, what with the wire and having to squeeze it in-between the teeth.

    I always felt flossing was too much of a US thing anyway. Fortunately unlike you Mr Calamari, I don't have such a sweet tooth. The only time I worry is the sugary cider I drink.

  2. I like to take full care of my teeth. Cool post.

  3. I used to be afraid of dentists, but I'm not anymore.
    Everyone in my family had bad teeth, so I guess I inherited that. Thanks mom and dad! :S
    Literally, if I don't brush my teeth a minimum of three times per day, I'm gonna get caries. So, at one point in my life, I was at the dentist two times a week. And that's a good way to stop the fear of dentists. :D

    Following and supporting!

  4. I HATE the bad teeth stereotype we get. >:[

    It's not even that true. I for once am lucky enough to have white, nice teeth.