Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Express Yourself

When you are on your back like an over-ambitious tortoise, you really find out who your friends are. I could have been up to my eyes in shit at the moment. But thanks to a few who have stuck their neck out for me, I have a place to stay at the moment and all the support I could ever need after what can be described as 'trouble with the folks'. So over the past few days I've mostly been harassing potential employers, smoking weed (you would not believe how plentiful this stuff is among students), and discovering how little you can really pay for something to eat. For example, for the price of a Big Mac, I can buy a whole week's worth of noodles. But I suppose the best things in life are free, eh? *winkwink nudgenudge*

And if you have no friends, then at least you'll give some
scavenging animal a lovely meal.
As well as trying to secure actual paid work, I am also scrabbling to get some voluntary work experience at a local newspaper, which doesn't seem to be happening. They have ignored all my
e-mails, and their offices are about as welcoming as Alcatraz. Dear staff at the Evening Express. If you are reading this blog entry, please respond to my fucking e-mail. Yes, there is a mild possibility that someone from the paper is reading this, because I included a link to this blog in my CV. Which makes me wonder. Was that a bad move? I've had praise for the writing style I use in this blog. But then again I use some wonderful imagery and similes about paedophile semen and children dying in third world countries which probably wouldn't be ideal  in an article about a 7 year old and his battle against cancer*. When employers and other people in a position of power say they want to get to know you, how much do they mean it? It's fairly common practice for employers to be discouraged from hiring you based on how drunk you look in your facebook picture. I can understand this a little. But it's also pretty fucking stupid. Despite the fact that I swear, rant, and drink excessively while blogging, it doesn't mean I'll do that in the workplace. Employers everywhere - go outside and get a little air. I'm pretty sure the majority of your employees don't spend their spare time counting down the seconds until their next shift whilst reading the company rulebook. If anything, those doing that sort of thing should be avoided. They always end up killing everybody and nibbling the genitalia off the bodies.

My flatmate is coming back soon, and she makes the most wonderful lasagne.

What I'm currently listening to  > \Battles - Gloss Drop/**

Thanks for reading!

*I wouldn't be that stupid, I'm just saying that the Evening Express might think I am
**Yes, this is new. I listen to a lot of music, been meaning to do something like this for a while. Deal with it.


  1. betcha that turtle is like, "oh god I am screwed..."

  2. It's great to have such good friends; you should just kick back and enjoy the ride.

  3. Thanks to your comment, I found your blog. The fact that you're a journalism student interests me even more - I've always thought of writing as a career.

    pedophile semen?

    I'm sure that person reading your resume will be impressed. lol.

  4. why did you skip from one asterisk * to three asterisks *** on your two references. i feel like this warrants an explanation, as the newspaper may want to know.

  5. @LML - I'd highly recommend it, but like anything else you have to put the work in. Even though I'm doing very little at the moment. Hmm.

    @j.littlejohn - I see no third asterisk.


  6. For being so hard to get into journalism, I sure see a lot of articles that look like they were written by 3 year olds. Why are you not writing for newspapers yet?