Friday, 24 June 2011

Yank Crime

So I'm saying goodbye to a few things. I've said goodbye to my fairly long hair, which made me resemble a number of eighties musicians and made me less likely to get ID'd for alcohol. And I'm heading back up to Aberdeen in a few days, which means goodbye parental unit, goodbye rain, and goodbye miscellaneous people I know about here. And the final goodbye, which has still yet to be confirmed properly, is to unemployment. After getting used to it, the world of work has crept up behind me and slapped me on the back, making me shit myself. I'm not allergic to doing stuff. I've had to look after my brother who broke his leg, and I've been cutting grass, trimming hedges, walking the dog etc a number of times over the past couple of weeks. I've just never really been in formal employment so I'm kindof wondering what's gonna crop up. Oh well, cash is cash.

Yeah, you should probably completely
ignore the word 'Railcard' 
Now over the past couple of years I've become a little bit of a music snob and I tend to listen to music by album now. But sometimes one particular will song will stand out a lot, and I will play it to death despite my brain's protests that this will only mean I will quickly become sick of the song, and it will fester at the bottom of my itunes for a year or so (yes I use itunes, deal with it). Rock and Roll part 2 by Gary Glitter was the offender this time. That main riff was already wedged in my brain somewhere, but for a number of years I've been unable to pinpoint the artist. Looking it up on Wikipedia, I can see the song has been used in Happy Gilmore, The Longest Yard, Small Soldiers, Meet the Fockers and Semi-Pro to name a very small number of motion pictures in which the song is included. It's probably one of the greatest riffs in the history of popular music. But the name and artist has evaded me for years. Most likely because of Mr Glitter's very poor childcare record. Which annoys me a little. I know this may be a little more extreme, but it reminds me a little of the people that are in favour of burning Hitler's paintings, and to a lesser extent, the fact that Mein Kampf is banned in Germany.

We aren't children, we don't need to be scared that playing 'Leader of the Gang' is going to create a whole batch of paedophiles, or even that Mein Kampf will create a nazi sympathiser. Out of sight, out of mind won't change the past. If you ignore something for long enough it's going to come back to haunt you. Somebody's horrible actions will not change what they've done. Beside a child abuse awareness ribbon on Glitter's facebook fan club page it is summed up simply - 'It's about the music'.

Well, it's a lovely day so I'm gonna cut hedges for a while. It's work, but waving a electric hedge trimmer about makes me feel like Derek in Bad Taste. Thanks for reading!


  1. dont say goodbye to the long hair! :p

  2. ^^ I actually ditched my short hair to grow long hair. I haven't cut it in 6 months. No, I don't look like a homeless person (at least not my hair. The rest of me might).

    Anyways, good luck with the new employment. I hate when jobs slap me and I shit myself. Fun fact: It's because of that that I choose to no longer work.

  3. I find people's attitudes strange. They crucify Glitter, yet Pete Townshend of The Who gets off lightly.

    Frankly I don't care, both created great music and nothing can taint it in my ears.