Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mein Kamp

Outside my window, the sky is the colour of white socks that have been worn for one day too many which can only mean one thing - summer in Scotland. To be fair we have had a fair bit of sunshine so far, but today I'm just being gently reminded that this isn't going to be a particularly warm summer, just in case any little niggles of delusion managed to seep into my head. And here comes the rain as I type this. Time to bring in the washing. I'm sitting here in my parent's house with solid walls and a roof over my head, and I'm actually pretty grateful for it. No, I've not just watched a harrowing documentary about some family in Ethiopia that has to live in a raw sewage pipe and eat glass for breakfast. I'm not long back from a jolly little camping trip.

An accurate representation of what going
 to the toilet looked like during our camp
I abso-bloody-lutely love camping. It's an experience that reassures you that you have not been completely softened into mush from our electric tin opener and deluxe iced tea maker culture. Although it is slightly embarrassing to explain to other people.
So you had fun camping?
Yeah, it was great!
So what exactly did you do?
Well we burned stuff on the fire and drank a lot
Talking about how much you admired the beautiful scenery only makes you sound like an elderly relative that spends their remaining days staring out the window collecting stamps. And talking about how you felt closer to nature just sounds like you've just unchained yourself from the gates of a coal power plant. Both of which will inevitably make eyes roll. So I can't really sell this whole thing very well. But I really recommend the experience for getting to know folk on a better level than you would in any other situation. That is, as long as you don't mind pooping in the woods, pulling blood sucking parasites out of your body, and generally not encountering many ways to set your adrenaline flowing. Oh, and if the people you are camping with are twats, then the whole experience is going to be shite.

I realise now that anyone reading this blog has completely lost faith in me, but I'm going to try and continue even if it's just for me. I'm in the process of finding jobs and work experience, and I'm back at my parents for the summer. Which isn't depressing as I initially thought, I have a few nights of drinking sorted  and my mother  is under the amusing impression that I'm 'seeing girls'. If anyone is reading this, then thanks, really.  

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