Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pulling Teeth (part dirty dree and a durd)

It's a beautiful thing to watch someone at work who is exceptionally professional about what they do. As ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones eloquently puts it - "See, when I see people painting, I'm like, howdya paint, howdya do that? That's brilliant. But when I try doing it, I'm terrible". Shrugging his shoulders modestly he ponders "But...I can come up with tunes...or whatever". And a couple of days ago I experienced  that admiration first hand. As my dentist drilled  my teeth with incredible precision, and my head sounded like a scene from Total Recall was being filmed in it, she casually told someone at the door what she wanted for lunch, and that she would like lots of tomato sauce on it. She finished my filling 5 minutes later. But I suppose..I can come up with blogs...or whatever.

Real bloggers only eat porridge anyway

But I often I find many people's attempts at blogs hideously dull to read. Don't get me wrong, for all the people I've followed, I do it for a reason. Even if someone isn't a particularly engaging writer, people can still post interesting stuff in the forms of other media, such as that lifeinformation guy. But on a forum the other day, there was a list of people's blogs. Quite happy for some reading material, I sifted through them. It was mostly people complaining about their sex life. Or something equally humdrum. My friend Ross described the whole thing in a nutshell once; "had soggy cornflakes this morning, omg hate cornflakes now". I mean did we really need to know that? Such escapades may be interesting to you, but they aren't really appealing to the general public. But I'm being a bit of a snob. I suppose the intention is just to say something entertaining for friends. But I mean, isn't that why you have facebook or twitter? It's insanely weird how we can get so dragged into mostly pointless events. And don't shake your head and snort, I can imagine you, the reader of this blog has stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, awaiting such predictable excerpts as 'last nite was so good lol'. If not you are a better person than me.

I should have really called this blog HYPOCRISY saying as how I talk about things like my trip to the dentist. I'm in a silly mood because the ploker that owns a site I write for decided to accidentally erase my profile, meaning all my reviews etcetera were permanently deleted. And then he wanted me to do them again. It's just a small bump in the grand scheme of things, university life isn't bad. As much as I hate Paul McCartney's stupid little grin, him, Mr Lennon, Mr Harrison, and Mr Starr are required for a little pick-me-up. You know I just need a little


I need somebody!


Not just anybody!


Sorry about the snobbery today, thanks for reading!


  1. It kind of seems like with such great advances in communication technology, which has greatly increased the relative ease of communication, had diminished the quality of that communication. :<

  2. Well you have to think of it in a mathematical way Zoe. Say in the pre-internet age there are 10 articles and they are given a range of ratings in terms of quality, the average is 7. In the internet age, there's the same number of quality articles, but because there's just so much more variation the mean average will lower itself.