Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Au McDo

So I've got two days at university a week. I can hardly complain, even if I have to get up at 7 on said days and run four miles. Today we were being told about our upcoming 'newsdays'. We have three of these, and on each day we have to produce three stories. One day is for TV, one day is for online, one day is for the radio. Three days doesn't sound too taxing. But in our groups we  have to find three good stories, interview relevant people, film/record them, edit the stories and generally make them fit to view by the end of the day. I'm not very good with equipment, but I've volunteered for sound on the TV day, which I excelled at last time (I crouch below the camera like a buffoon holding a microphone), a newsreader for the Radio day, and I'll probably be everything on the online day from writing stories to running about getting everybody's sandwiches and tea. I'm really looking forward to it.

At least it wasn't diet Pepsi
However, we weren't doing any of that today. We were more or less getting run downs on good practices and techniques. Nevertheless I decided to reward myself with some food, saying as how I'd got up okay for the past couple of days. Now I think McDonalds is a horrible organisation that serves absolute shit only good for fucking up your body. So I asked for an extra large meal. Upon sitting down to eat, I realised something was wrong. My coke tasted like half of it had been emptied and topped up with urine. Then I remembered I'd ordered diet coke for the sake of my teeth. But it reminded me how stupid people were that were rude to food service folk. Forget Generals and Presidents, food handlers have the most power out of anyone in the world. Being a student, I have many student friends that have worked in such a profession. I've yet to meet one that hasn't spat in somebody's food for one reason or another. But that's nothing compared to a particular passage in Trainspotting, where a waitress is verbally harassed by customers. She proceeds to dip her soaked tampon into the Tomato soup, and mixes her runny excrement in with the chocolate sauce for the Profiteroles. Inventive. But perhaps not particularly appetizing. Don't be an idiot.

Speaking of the food service industry, it reminds me that have to gain employment. I enquired at a few places today. I haven't done that for a while. I'm assuming that the prospect of having no money to buy drink has motivated me. Couldn't let that happen. Thanks for reading!


  1. 1) I am a student as well but I have classes everyday of the week and calculus homework due 3 times a week at 9 in the morning :/

    2) I've eaten at wendys literally my past 5 meals but I only get stuff like chili on the menu that is low in fat and high on fiber and protein.

  2. Geeze, I must of been a posh student back in my days, whenever I treated myself it meant going to take aways or cool Manchester eating establishments.

  3. Dieting doesn't have to be hard, just calculate your base metabolic rate and eat 500 calories under that :)

  4. @zoe: I don't really need to diet, I'm just thinking of my poor teeth which have been subjected to waves of sugar in the past!
    @watchman: Unlucky! My timetable isn't usually this forgiving though, I'm expecting a brutal one next semester.

  5. Diet soda really just doesn't do it for me either. Especially if you mix it with alcohol (Crown and Coke). It has a weird and diluted taste. Your teeth should be okay if you go easy on it... I drink a good Crown and Coke at least once every 2-3 days, brush my teeth often, and haven't had a cavity in years.