Thursday, 6 January 2011

Magic Bus

When I can find a seat, when I have change, and when I don't need to get somewhere particularly quickly, I really like public transport. It's one of the best opportunities to look into someone else's life without actually living with them. On the seats to the left of me on today's bus journey, there were four who looked like they worked at a more 'hands on' businesses. Some of them had oddly shaped teeth, some had bald heads, and some were either extremely skinny or had hearty beer bellies flopping over the front of their belts. They were discussing a new type of plug, and the advantages it offered. You can say about you want about these people, but at the end of day they build, furnish, re-wire, and carpet our homes, which is more than a sneering, cynical, skinny little student such as myself can hope to offer.

I looked up electrician on google images and this came up.
They looked a little different to the ones on the bus

Do you remember the bus at school, where anyone who was anyone got the back seats? I was nearly always at the front, which said a lot about me. But now, the so-called cool people are a lot smaller and more annoying. They tend to have a habit of sharing their terrible music taste with the whole bus, along with sharing conversations which are loud and peppered with the word 'fucking'. Although I suppose that old lady in front can hear 'Pink Glove' from my headphones alone, so maybe I'm not one to talk. If I'm bored on public transport I can play a variety of games.

1. Spot the Junkie
Maybe it's just me going on the particularly bad buses, but there always seems to be one. Look out for a an ashen white face that looks like somebody has turned on a vacuum inside so that their skin clings to the skull as tightly as possible. Vacant, unmoving eyes are also a common feature.

2.Listen to another person's conversation
More fun than it sounds. You can hear about all sorts of things, or just something that is stupidly hilarious.

3.Pull a face, wave, or give the finger to pedestrians
The bus is moving, and that gives you the opportunity to express yourself to the public, and get away with it. Just make sure there the bus isn't about to stop. That could make it awkward.

I also always thank the driver when I get off the bus.

I haven't done a blog in a wee while, but I always think it's better to wait for inspiration rather than force yourself to write something crap every other day. I was going to do something about death today, but I'm not in a particularly heavy mood. Thanks for reading!


  1. I ALWAYS thank the driver cos no one else seems to. :)

    And I do all of your 3 little 'games'

    Especially where I'm from. Spotting the oddball/crackhead is so easy!

  2. Cool stuff dude, followed.
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  3. hi, nice blog, followin you

  4. I always say Good morning and Bye to the bus drivers. And all of those little games are so much fun especially listening to the conversations. This one time I overheard(with my music on) a conversation that revolved around some lady liking some boy while she still had a boyfriend. It was so funny yet so cruel.

  5. yeah i do as just a nice guy. in fact the nicest guy you will ever know, I am so nice that i dont think anyone would have anything not nice to say about me ever. Damn im nice!

  6. Meh, I'm not much into public transport ^^ haha

  7. I've always wondered how it would be to ride a school bus :)

    PS you have captcha on for comments

  8. I say good morning when entering, seems like I'm the only one who does, and the driver really appreciate it

  9. Ive always thought of the bus as an interesting place for social experimentation. I like your stuff, im following you!

  10. I'm usually the junkie lol.Nice blog i'll follow you.

  11. I should try it!
    Anyways, cool blog, I'll follow you.

  12. i thought i was the only one who thanks the driver, lol